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What makes WYS Inc. different from other marine companies?

Hmm, where to start? First of all, as you will notice from the name, Western Yacht Services Inc. (or WYS “wise” as it is affectionately known) is a BC registered company. We are fully insured, WCB registered, and have been from Day 1. Unfortunately the majority of local marine trades are not, meaning that you, your vessel and any work performed may or may not be insured. When WYS Inc. services your vessel, you can be rest assured that the taxes you paid are being remitted, and that our staff and any work performed is 100% covered.

Secondly, and probably the most important when it comes to customer service’s needs, WYS is owned and staffed by actual boaters! If you buy a house from a realtor that lives in his parent’s basement, how do you know you are getting the best property ownership advice? Marine services should be no different and because we are boaters, we understand the frustration of engines that don’t start at the beginning of a holiday and the importance of budgets!

So, how does this work?

WYS Inc. is based upon a project management model. We work with a carefully selected group of proven marine trades that we call upon to service your needs.

Any exceptions?

Detailing. All our detailing services, both interior & exterior, are done in-house with our highly trained and detail orientated staff.

Why wouldn't I just call the various trades and schedule the work myself?

How has that worked out for you in the past? As boat owners ourselves, this company started when we became frustrated by the lack of prompt & quality marine services in Vancouver.

WYS Inc. performs the work you require Monday – Friday so that your vessel is ready to go for the weekend. We get priority services from our suppliers as we schedule several jobs in one location at a time, cutting down on travel and “non-billable” time for our trades. We pay our trades promptly upon completion of the job. This is passed on to our customers with prompt services & “bulk” billing rates for you!

We can take care of a variety of projects from upholstery to electrical to mechanical during the working week, so that you can go boating when you want to. Don’t have time to fill the tanks or the fridge? We can take care of that too!

Who is WYS Inc. owned by?

Western Yacht Services Inc. is owned and operated by two avid racers and cruisers, Sonia & Cameron Telford. Having owned boats for over 20 years, Sonia & Cam are the “real deal” as they actively participate in the local boating scene aboard their Beneteau 45f5, NORTHERN GIRL.

Proud to be West Vancouver Yacht Club members, Sonia is a past-Commodore (the first female in local Yacht Club history!) and Cam is not only a long-time volunteer with both WVYC Racing and VARC programmes, he is currently sitting on the WVYC Board as Fleet Captain.

How long has WYS Inc. been around?

Since 2006. While getting frustrated with trying to juggle boat maintenance along with a home and full time careers, Sonia and Cam noticed having a business like Western Yacht Service Inc. onboard would certainly make life easier and “boat time” more enjoyable. Link that with a passion for the sport, a background of Project Management and an expectation of excellent customer service and the idea of Western Yacht Service Inc. was born.

Why don’t you advertise in local publications or attend boat shows?

Honestly? Because we don’t have to! The majority of our clients have been with us since the beginning and their vessels and testimonials do the advertising for us. We purposely keep WYS Inc. to a smaller manageable level, meaning that each and every customer builds a relationship with our staff and receives personal attention. There is nothing worse than having to explain your boats needs every time a service is required, and we get that!

How do you get your business then?

Referrals. Happy customers tell their fellow boating friends about us and we go from there. Local brokers call us to get boats “sale ready” and we go from there. We even get lots of referrals from other local marine trades that like what we do (some even use our detailed boats in their ads!).

How do I get service?

E-mail us or call us at 604-315-7157 and let’s get started!

You are a life saver. Where have you been all my boating life?

On the docks, or out on the water. Welcome Aboard!


Western Yacht Services Inc….Maintenance Made Easy!


For more information, send us an email or call (604) 315-7157
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